For those who may be wondering, yes, I will continue my series reviewing C. John Collins’ Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? Who They Were and Why You Should Care and Peter Enns’  The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say About Human Origins. I am delaying a bit because (1) I am reading before blogging (novel idea, eh?) and (2) I am about to move from Oregon to Texas in a few days, so it may be difficult to blog on anything for a week or so beginning Friday.

In the meantime, if you haven’t paid attention to the series, but you think you’d like to do so the rest of the way, here are the first twenty (!) posts:

Pt. 1- Series Introduction 

Pt. 2- Enns’ Introduction

Pt. 3- Collins’ Introduction

Pt. 4- Collins on Importance

Pt. 5- Enns on Christianity and Science

Pt. 6- Collins on Adam and Christian Worldview

Pt. 7- Collins on the Origins of Evil

Pt. 8- Enns on Interpreting Adam and Eve

Pt. 9- Enns on Modern Scholarship and Hermeneutics

Pt. 10- Enns on Adam and Israel’s Post-Exile Identity

Pt. 11- Collins on Adam in the Book of Genesis

Pt. 12- Collins on Adam in the Hebrew Bible

Pt. 13- Collins on Adam in Jewish Literature

Pt. 14- Collins on Adam in the Gospels

Pt. 15- Collins on Adam in the Pauline Epistles and NT in General

Pt. 16- Enns on Genesis and Other Creation Narratives

Pt. 17- Enns on Genesis and Other Creation Narratives (Cont.)

Pt. 18- Enns on Israel’s Second Creation Story

Pt. 19- Enns on Israel and Primordial Time

Pt. 20- Enns’ Final Thoughts on Adam and Genesis

When I resume I will be writing about Peter Enns’ interpretation of Paul’s Adam.