Today is my final day as an enrollment counselor and recruiter for Western Seminary. I held this position for almost three years. It has been a good job. I have learned a lot about academics and how educational institutions function. I have developed better customer service and public speaking skills. Most importantly, I worked with some wonderful people. I had the best co-workers. I will miss them.

It was time to change scenery though. Of course, I am moving to Texas so I couldn’t work for the seminary any longer (though I am doing adjunct/support work through the Center for Lifelong Learning, i.e., online studies). Even so, I think I had done everything I wanted to do on the job. I have accomplished the goals I set. I feel quite satisfied with the work I have done since late 2009.

My friend Luke Todd is replacing me (blogs at What I See, sometimes). This was a good hire. He will do well.

So it is time to say goodbye, Western Seminary. Thank you for the memories. It was fun!