This is my weekly list of recommendations. You can find daily links at the After Emmaus page on Facebook.

BioLogos, Why Should Christians Consider Evolutionary Creation?

Kevin Brown, Why I Support the Separation of Church and State (or, This is Why I Dislike the GOP)

– Michael Myerson, The Democrats Platform

– Tim Gombis, Politics and the God of Israel

– Kyle Roberts, Why I Don’t Tally the “God” References at Political Conventions

John Byron, Acknowledging Those Who Work Hard Among You: Thoughts on Leadership in the Church

Marc Cortez, The Gospel as Center

Chad Hall, Three Good Reasons to Start a Church

Michael Heiser, How Human Was Jesus?

Ben Howard, Christian Denominations are Like… NFL Teams

Larry Hurtado, “Binitarian,” Dyadic,” “Triadic”: Early Christian God-Talk and Devotion

James McGahey, Richard Hays on the “Syntax of Salvation”

Bill Mounce, Are Gossips in Heaven? – James 1:26-27

Eyal Regev, Sectarianism and the Archaeology of Qumran

Christopher Skinner, “Preaching the Gospel,” “Teaching,” “Preaching,” and “Speaking the Word” in the Early Chapters of Mark

Kurt Willems, My appeal to complementarians–Stop telling me to calm down