Someone posted a link on the SBL Facebook to the SBL Facts and Figures page. I thought it would be worth sharing here. These are some highlights you’ll find:

– SBL has grown from 6015 total members in 2001 to 8756 in 2011. This is not the highest total membership though. There were 9058 in 2008 before a steady decline in 2009.

– Males outnumber females 6742 to 2014. This statistic was first recorded in 2004 when it was 5176 males to 1460 females. The only positive thing to mention is that last year SBL had more women than previous years.

– US members outnumber non-US members 5994 to 2762. So, essentially, the Society of Biblical Literature is an American academic enterprise.

It would be interesting to know the statistics on race.

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