While many in the media have put there spin on the so-called Gospel of Jesus’ Wife, I think Stephen Colbert’s reporting may be the best! Watch his ‘Wife of Jesus’ segment.

Sadly, Colbert is not as hilarious and sensational as Simcha Jacobovici who is probably pondering how to approach making his next documentary (i.e., a paycheck) out this “discovery.” (The Smithsonian Channel already has a show titled The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife slated to air.) Although every scholar I have read has said that this fragment tells us nothing about the historical Jesus, Jacobovici seems convinced that it settles the matter that Jesus was married. At least that is what it seems like if you read his recent “Jesus Was Married. Something Has Changed!” If you are short on time I recommend Colbert over Jacobovici. (HT)

Of course, Jacobovici may want to be a tad more patient. Francis Watson is challenging the authenticity of the manuscript saying it seems to have borrowed from the Gospel of Thomas. You can read his argument here.

Also, according to Simon Gathercole, there was some more doubt expressed at the International Congress of Coptic Studies in Rome, see “Did Jesus Have a Wife?”

Others continue to share their thoughts like Craig A. EvansLarry Hurtado, Tom Verenna, Daniel B. Wallace, and Ben Witherington III.