For those who continue to pay attention to the unfolding narrative of the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife:

– Christian Askeland has written On the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife and he has recorded himself providing a talk on “some the key peculiarities of this manuscript which potentially support the forgery hypothesis.” (HT: Evangelical Textual Criticism) See below:

– Andrew Bernhard, Could the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife be a “Collage” of Words and Phrases Culled Exclusively from the Coptic Gospel of Thomas?

– Mark Goodacre, Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: last line also from Thomas

– Hugo Lundhang and Alin Suciu, On the So-Called Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: Preliminary Thoughts and A Peculiar Dialectal Feature in the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife, Line 6

– New Addition: Timo S. Paananen, Another “Fake” or Just a Problem of Method: What Francis Watson’s Analysis Does to Papyrus Koln 255? (HT: Exploring Our Matrix)

– Thomas Verenna, The ‘Wife of Jesus’ Fragment a Day Later: Some Concerns About Authenticity and Two Days Later: Another Evaluation of the ‘Jesus Wife’ Papyrus

– Francis Waton, The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: How a Fake Gospel Fragment was Composed and Addendum: The End of the Line?

You can find updates on this blog (especially the post The Harvard Theological Journal, the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife, and Karen L. King’s rejected (or not rejected) paper), the blog of James McGrath (Exploring Our Matrix), the blog of Larry Hurtado (Larry Hurtado Blog), the blog of the aforementioned Mark Goodacre (NT Blog), and several other solid blogs.

Two good articles from the broader media (at this point) include Lisa Wangsness’ Scholars begin to weigh in on the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ for the Boston Globe and Jaweed Kaleem’s ‘Jesus Wife’ Research Leads to Suspicion that Artifact is Fake for the Huffington Post.

If you know of other blogs worth following on this topic or scholarly viewing being posted online please share in the comments.