This is my weekly list of recommendations. You can find daily links at the After Emmaus page on Facebook.

Biblical Studies

Richard Beck, Head Coverings in Worship: Why Female Hair is a Testicle

Mark Goodacre, Does περιβόλαιον Mean “Testicle” in 1 Corinthians 11:15?

John Byron, Work with Your Hands: A Theology of Work 1 Thessalonians 4

C.D. Ellege, An Old Problem Gets More Interesting: Resurrection in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Chris Heard, Interpreting Genesis 1 “literally”

Tim Henderson, The Demise of the Criteria of Authenticity? (Part 1 of 3); The Demise of the Criteria of Authenticity (Part 2 of 3)

Matthew R. Malcolm, Why does Hebrews cite “someone somewhere”?

Christian Theology

April DeConick, Is Jesus Too Holy for Sex?

Peter Enns, Outgrowing Evangelicalism: It’s Not Just for Scholars Anymore

Roger Olson, A Neglected Theory of Atonement?

Andrew Perriman, What does it mean to be “born again”?


John Alosi, Abortion and the Early Church

Katie Grimes, The Church that Does Body Counts: The Immorality of Unmanned Drone Strikes

The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

I have posted several updates on this subject throughout the week. The most recent and relevant include The Harvard Theological Journal, the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife, and Karen L. Kings rejected (or not rejected) paper and Scholarly investigations into the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife available online

Scholarly Journals and Reviews

Abram K-J, The Journal of Biblical Literature 131.3

David Stark, Review of Biblical Literature (September 21, 2012)

Book Reviews

Kevin Brown, Review of The Textual History of the Greek New Testament (Watchel and Holmes)

Nijay Gupta, David DeSilva’s Jewish Teachers of Jesus (Review Part I) ; DeSilva’s Jewish Teachers of Jesus (Book Review Part II)

Anthony LeDonne, Seven Books that Must Be in Your Library


Anthony LeDonne, Interview with Mark Goodacre (Part I); Interview with Mark Goodacre (Part II)

Amanda MacInnis, Women Bloggers

Esteban Vázquez, The Tale of the Partridge Manuscript