This is my weekly list of recommendations. You can find daily links at the After Emmaus page on Facebook.

Biblical Studies

John Byron: Good Grief: Thoughts on Paul’s Pastoral Ministry in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14

Simon Gathercole: Did We Get Jesus Right?

Mark Goodacre: The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife Latest

Peter M. Head: More questions on Jesus’ Wife Fragment

Anthony LeDonne: Prince of Peace; Lord of War (Part 1)

Peter Leithart: Structure of Isaiah 45

Bill Mounce: In your anger, do not sin–Eph 4.26

Andrew Perriman: Who is the father in the parable of the prodigal son?

Andrew Wilson: Creation and Science: How Do We Read Genesis 1-3?

Christian Theology

Rachel Held Evans: A debate with two complementarians ; Is ambition a sin?

Bobby Grow: American ‘Christian’ Versions of God

Chris Heard: The inspiration of scripture: getting started ; The inspiration of scripture: divine dictation

– James McGrath: The Bible’s Authors were Inspired by God

Roger Olson: What do I mean when I say the Bible is “trustworthy?”


John McMillin: Banning conversion therapies 

Thomas Verenna: On Academic Integrity and the Future of Biblical Studies in Confessional Institutions

Ben Witherington III: The Long Journey of a Christian Pacifist 

Scholarly Journals and Reviews

David Stark: Biblical Theology Bulletin 42, no. 4 ; Review of Biblical Literature (September 30, 2012)

Expository Times 124.2

Interpretation 66.4

Book Reviews

Nijay Gupta: A Companion to Biblical Interpretation in Early Judaism


Clifford Kvidahl: An Interview with Craig Keener (Pt. 1) ; An Interview with Craig Keener (Pt. 2)

Anthony LeDonne: Interview with Mark Goodacre (Pt. III) ; Interview with Mark Goodacre (Pt. IV)

Amanda MacInnis: To Thesis or Not to Thesis, That is the Question

Rodney Thomas: Some Sites on Religion and Race