Miroslav Volf

Miroslav Volf has been working on a series of posts on Facebook outlining the values he uses to guide him as a Christian involved in the political process. He has written twenty points with descriptions, his rationale, the related debates, and questions we should ask:

0. Christ as the Measure of all Values

1. Freedom of Religion (and Irreligion)

2. Education

3. Economic Growth

4. Work and Employment

5. Debt

6. The Poor

7. The Elderly

8. Unborn

9. Healthcare

10. Care for Creation

11. Death Penalty

12. Criminal Offenders

13. World Hunger

14. Equality of Nations

15. War

16. Torture

17. Honoring Everyone

18. Public Role of Religion

19. Truthfulness

20. Character

You can read his thoughts here.

Also, Michael Gorman shares some good points about Christians and politics here.