Today the blog The American Jesus is running a synchroblog (i.e., other blogs are participating, so check the bottom of each post to see what other writers are saying) where various contributors argue for why you as a Christian should consider voting for this or that candidate. The writers and their posts are as follows:

Tripp York: Why Christians Should Not Vote

Josh Shope: Why Christians Should Vote for Barack Obama

Kent Landhuis: Why Christians Should Vote for Mitt Romney

Candace Datz: Why Christians Should Vote for Jill Stein

The website Think Christian did something similar:

Brandon Parler: Why I’m not voting

Anne Larsen VanderWeele: A Christian Vote for Barack Obama

Karen Swallow Prior: A Christian Vote for Romney

Jake Vander Ark: A Christian Vote for Gary Johnson

Kory Plockmeyer: A Christian Vote for Jill Stein