Today I had the time to sit down to outline my schedule for the 2012 AAR-SBL Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL! I am excited that I will be going. (By the way, the app is wonderful!) For a while it seemed like my recent relocation to San Antonio, Texas, drained my resources. Thankfully, I have friends in Wheaton, Illinois, who will house me, and I found an inexpensive flight, so I will be there!

I have not found an official time and place for the blogger’s dinner yet. Is the event planned? If so, can someone leave me the specifics in the comments section?

Below is my tentative schedule. If you plan on being at any of these sessions let me know so I can say, “hello!”

Tentative SBL Annual Meeting 2012 Schedule

Thursday, November 15th:

11:10 AM—Departure from SAT to ATL/MDW

05:00 PM—Arrive at MDW. Travel to Wheaton, IL

Friday, November 16th:

11:00 AM—To Chicago (approximant time)

02:00 PM–Meet w. Craig Evans

04:00 PM—Attend IBR Session (A Pneumatic Hermeneutic, P16-307, if possible)

Williford C @ Hilton

07:00 PM—S. McKnight and N.T. Wright (Kingdom and Church Discussion)

Waldorf Room @ Hilton.

09:00 PM—Return to Wheaton, IL

Saturday, November 17th:

06:00 AM—Depart to Chicago, IL

08:00 AM—Meet w. Marc Cortez

09:00 AM—Jesus Traditions, Gospels, and Negotiating the Roman Imperial World

S17-112 (The Gospels in Empire: Materiality, Temple and Thomas)

W179b @ McCormick Place


09:00 AM—John, Jesus, and History

S17-114 (Jesus Remembered in the Gospels of John and Mark)

12:00 PM—Lunch w. Matt Emerson

01:00 PM—Formation of Luke-Acts

S17-220 (The Septuagint, Josephus, and the composition of Luke-Acts)

W185a @ McCormick Place


01:00 PM—John, Jesus, and History

S17-229 (Jesus Remembered in the Fourth Gospel and Second Century Traditions)

E258 @ McCormick Place

04:00 PM—Jesus Traditions, Gospels, and Negotiating the Roman Imperial


S17-320 (Mark and John in the Roman Empire)

W184d @ McCormick Place


04:00 PM—John, Jesus, and History

S17-322 (Jesus Remembered in the Johannine Tradition)

W181c @ McCormick Place

07:00 PM—Evangelical Philosophical Society

P17-401 (External Confirmations of New Testament Historicity)

PDR2 @ Hilton

11:00 PM—Return to Wheaton, IL

Sunday, November 18th:

06:00 AM—Depart to Chicago, IL

09:00 AM—Book of Acts


S404d @ McCormick Place


09:00 AM—Josephus

S18-129 (Perspectives on “the other” in Josephus)

S401bc @ McCormick Place

12:00 PM—Lunch w. Bill Horst

01:00 PM—Genesis

S18-224 (Primeval History)

W184d @ McCormick Place


01:00 PM—Paul and Judaism

S18-238 (What Does Torah Observance Mean in a First Century Disaspora Context, and thus for Interpreting Paul?)

W192b @ McCormick Place

04:00 PM—Blogger and Online Publication

S18-308 (Blogging and Professional Scholarship)

N129 @ McCormick Place

07:00 PM–Biblioblogger’s Gathering

TBD  PM—Return to Wheaton, IL

Monday, November 19th:

06:00 AM—Departure to Chicago, IL

08:00 AM—Meet w. Doug Estes

09:00 AM—Historical Jesus

S19-121 (Jesus beyond the apocalyptic—non-apocalyptic divide: options and openings)

S502b @ McCormick Place

12:00 PM—Lunch

01:00 PM—Extent of Theological Diversity in Earliest Christianity

S19-219 (Gospels in the Second Century)

W179b @ McCormick Place


01:00 PM—Qumran

S19-234 (The Social and Material History of the Dead Sea Scrolls)

N134 @ McCormick Place

04:00 PM—Extent of Theological Diversity in Earliest Christianity

S19-312 (Book Panels on Gospel of Thomas)

W179b @McCormick Place


04:00 PM—Jewish-Christian Dialogue and Sacred Texts

S19-317 (Book Panel on The Jewish Annotated NT)

W375c @ McCormick Place

TBD  PM—Return to Wheaton, IL 

Tuesday, November 20th:

6:00 AM—Departure to Chicago, IL

9:00 AM—Historical Jesus


W375c @ McCormick Place

5:40 PM—Departure from MDW/ATL to SAT