In 2008 I was thrilled to see Barack Obama elected as President. I’ve mature over the last four years and I have come to understand that he is a mere mortal, but I remain convinced that he was the best available (and realistically electable) mere mortal for the presidency of the United States. I admit that I am relieved that he won for a variety of reasons and I pray for wisdom for President Barack Obama as he continues to make decisions about our interactions with Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the use of drones, the status of Guantanamo Bay, tensions with Iran, the economy, and so much more. It isn’t a job that I would want.

For my brothers and sisters who voted for Mitt Romney or another candidate I pray that you will have peace, that you will continue to trust in our sovereign God, and that you will continue to live your Christian faith and convictions in this world. I pray that the church remains unified under Jesus our Messiah, our King, even as we differ over political candidates, parties, and policies. I pray that the Spirit will heal the wounds we inflicted upon each other over this election season. I pray that even when we support a candidate we don’t forget our role as a prophetic voice to the state.