I spent several months reading and writing notes on John Collins’ Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? Who They Were and Why You Should Care and Peter Enns’ The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say About Human Origins. It went far longer than I expected it to go! Let me emphasize that these posts are notes–nothing more, nothing less. I placed them on this blog so that readers could interact with me if desired. Reading these notes does not (1) give readers of this blog a sufficient picture of these books and (2) does not provide excuse for dismissing the arguments of these authors. What you have here are the thoughts of Brian LePort, not C. John Collins and not Peter Enns.

If you decide to read these books please feel free to come to my blog, leave your thoughts and reflections, and maybe we can discuss things further. I hope these post cause people to be interested in these books.

Pt. 1- Series Introduction

Pt. 2- Enns’ Introduction

Pt. 3- Collins’ Introduction

Pt. 4- Collins on Importance

Pt. 5- Enns on Christianity and Science

Pt. 6- Collins on Adam and Christian Worldview

Pt. 7- Collins on the Origins of Evil

Pt. 8- Enns on Interpreting Adam and Eve

Pt. 9- Enns on Modern Scholarship and Hermeneutics

Pt. 10- Enns on Adam and Israel’s Post-Exile Identity

Pt. 11- Collins on Adam in the Book of Genesis

Pt. 12- Collins on Adam in the Hebrew Bible

Pt. 13- Collins on Adam in Jewish Literature

Pt. 14- Collins on Adam in the Gospels

Pt. 15- Collins on Adam in the Pauline Epistles and NT in General

Pt. 16- Enns on Genesis and Other Creation Narratives

Pt. 17- Enns on Genesis and Other Creation Narratives (Cont.)

Pt. 18- Enns on Israel’s Second Creation Story

Pt. 19- Enns on Israel and Primordial Time

Pt. 20- Enns’ Final Thoughts on Adam and Genesis

Pt. 21- Enns on Paul’s Ancient Context

Pt. 22- Enns on Paul’s Interpretive Culture

Pt. 23- Enns on Various Adams of Jewish Interpreters

Pt. 24- Enns on Paul and His Bible

Pt. 25- Enns on Paul’s Adam