Adrianna Wright of IVP provided me with access to the new IVP Pocket Reference app so that I can preview it and share my thoughts with readers. It seems like it could be a handy tool and it cost only $1.99. This is the app’s welcoming screen:

The logo is shaped like a pocket, get it?

It allows you to create a profile for things like social media sharing and updates:

When you download it you have access to the Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms. The Pocket Dictionary of Apologetics and Philosophy of Religions and Pocket Dictionary of Ethics are coming soon.

This is a preview of the screen where you can either scroll through terms or search:

This is the preview screen for searching:

This is an example of what an entry page (here “Eastern Orthodoxy”):

As you can see you can take notes on an entry, highlight an entry, or share it. The app works smoothly. I didn’t find any glitches moving screen to screen, searching, and the like. I don’t know what titles may follow the initial three, but this does seem like it could be a useful tool to have on your smart phone (Android and iOs), iPod, iPad, and other tablets.

To learn more about the IVP Pocket Reference app, you can go to or search for the app in the iTunes and Android stores. Also, you can follow @ivppocketref on Twitter.