It is no coincidence that Paul uses many of the same words to discuss parallel theme in Romans 1 (where humanity begins to decline after worshiping the Creation rather than the Creator) and 8 (where the children of God are depicted as being the new, resurrected humanity alongside a renewed Creation). These are some key words/themes to observe:

κτίσις (1:20, 25; 8:20-22)

ματαιότης (1:21; 8:20)

δόξασεν (1:21; 8:30)

δόξα (1:23; 8:18, 21)

εἰκών (1:23; 8:29)

σωματα (1:24; 8:23)

I know James D.G. Dunn discusses this in either his Theology of Paul the Apostle, or his Word Biblical Commentary on Romans 1-8, but I don’t have either of those books with me. I remember his coverage of these parallels as being quite helpful. I need to go to a library soon to read it again (or get my books shipped from California).