As Rodney Thomas mentioned this morning (see Join Us in Reading Isaiah LXX for the New Year starting tomorrow!) there is a large group of us who are joining Abram K-J in reading through the Greek version (LXX) of Isaiah in a year. You can find everything you need to know about it in his post Reading through Greek Isaiah in a year, which includes a reading schedule, a vocabulary list, and a Facebook group to join.

Advent begins tomorrow, which marks the “first day” of the Christian calendar, hence December 2nd is the official start date, though Monday the 3rd is when the schedule begins with 1:1-5. If you are seeking a way to maintain your Greek, or you are interested in the LXX, or you are want to know more about the book that is referenced so often in the Gospels, Acts, and the epistles (especially Romans!), then I recommend joining us. We will be reading a mere five verses a day and it appears that the schedule runs Monday through Friday, so if you fall behind the group it is easy to catch up with everyone! Plus, if you join the Facebook group it will give you a sense of accountability.

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