This is the list of recommended reading I aim to provide on this blog every other Friday. You can find more frequent suggestions at the After Emmaus page on Facebook.

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Biblical Studies

John Byron: Suffering While Waiting for Justice: 2 Thess 1:5-6b

Mark Goodacre: Conflicting Christmas Stories (podcast)

Larry Hurtado: Early Jesus-Devotion: Critical Engagement ; Was Early Christianity Secretive?  ; The Early Text of the New Testament: Latest Scholarship

Simon J. Joseph: The Shroud and the “Historical Jesus” (HT: The Jesus Blog)

Peter M. Head: P. Oxy 5072 another non-canonical gospel fragment

Tim Henderson: Ehrman on Justin Martyr’s Use of the Gospel of Peter, Pt. 1 ; Pt. 2

Abram K-J: Why did Jesus tell the disciples not to tell anyone about him? ; Faith and healing in Gospel of Mark: a brief reflection

Craig Keener: Jesus as Son of David, Son of Abraham ; The birth of Jesus — women and gentiles highlighted in Matthew’s genealogy  ; The virgin birth–the betrothal of Joseph and Mary

Anthony Le Donne: Did Jesus Predict His Death?

James McGrath: Lecture on the Book of Revelation 

Ian Paul: Phoebe, carrier of Paul’s letter to the Roman Christians

Andrew Perriman: The forgiveness of Israel’s sins in Hebrews

Christopher Skinner: Recent Trends in Gospel of Thomas Research

Paul _____: What if the Writers of the Bible were Just…Wrong?

Christian Theology

Fr. Ted Bobosh: The Mystery of the Incarnation

Greg Boyd: What is Open Theism?

Marc Cortez: An Evangelical and a Universalist Walk into a Bar ; Was Karl Barth a Universalist? ; Rejecting the Obvious ; Why Should We Listen?  (Four Part Series on “Evangelicals and Universalism”)

Krista Dalton: Should Everyone Really Read the Bible?

Kellen Funk: The Apostolic Fathers

Amanda MacInnis: Theology Round-Up

Jonathan Martin: On Israel, the Church, and the Politics of Jesus

Scot McKnight: When is Theology Truly “Biblical”?

C. Michael Patton: What is the Gift of Tongues?

Rodney Thomas: The Appalling Meekness of God: A U.S. Black Postcolonial Doctrine of Divine Omnipotence  ; Re-Reading Clement of Alexandria

David Williams: Surprised by Jack: C.S. Lewis on Mere Christianity, the Bible, and Evolutionary Science, Part 1


Greg Boyd: What if violence is necessary to protect a loved one?

Scholarly Journals and Reviews

David Stark: Review of Biblical Literature (November 23, 2012) ; (November 30, 2012)

Themelios, 37.3

Book Reviews

Kevin Brown: Chris Tilling, Paul’s Divine Christology

Nijay Gupta: D.F. Watson and T. Callan, First and Second Peter (Paideia)

Anthony Le Donne: Richard Bauckham, Jesus: A Very Short Introduction

James McGrath: Rachel Held Evans, A Year of Biblical Womanhood

Nick Norelli: Charles H. Talbert, The Development of Christology during the First Hundred Years


Robert Cargill: The Difference between Persecution and Being Corrected

Peter Enns: St. Nicolas: what can I say, he was a beast

Rachel Held Evans: 5 Things You Don’t Have to Leave Behind When You Leave Fundamentalism

Abram K-J: Which Bible software program should I buy? Comparison of Bibleworks, Accordance, and Logos

Eric Marrapodi: Pope opens a personal Twitter account

Jeff Nall: Working for Change in Higher Education: The Abysmal State of Adjunct Teacher Pay

N.T. Wright: Women Bishops: It’s about the Bible, not fake ideas of progress

– Sarah Coakley: Has the Church of England finally lost its reason? Women Bishops and the collapse of Anglican theology

– Amanda MacInnis: Another Adventure in Anglicanism–Women Bishops and the CofE

– Ian Paul: What does the decision on women bishops mean?