Some bloggers have written over the weekend on the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. These are those with which I am familiar. If you have found a post particularly helpful as concerns trying to process what happened please share it in the comments section.

Carmen Andes: Tentative thoughts on Sandy Hook

Tony Cruz: Pray for Them by Name

Peter Enns: On God, Shooting Children, and Having No Answers

Rachel Held Evans: Grieving Together

Craig Falvo: School Prayer and School Shootings are Not Related

Katie Grimes: On the Killing of Children

Alan Jacobs: Two Thoughts about Guns, Risks, and Safety

T.C. Moore: Darkness, Advent, and Newtown, CT

Ben Myers: Prayer for Newton, Connecticut, December 14th

Cynthia Nielsen: Our Rachels are Weeping, Our School Children and Teachers are Slain, and “They” Say It’s Not Time to Talk about Guns

Nick Norelli: Senseless

Mark Stevens: A sermon in the wake of such unmentionable evil

Matthew Paul Turner: 4 Questions Every Evangelical Church Should Be Asking (in light of the Newtown shooting)

Kurt Willems: The God who cries when children die

Joel Watts: Tell me again about how that old time religion prevented school shootings

Ben Witherington: President Obama’s Homily in Newtown- 2 Cor 4.7-18 ; The Slaughter of the Innocents, Again