This is the list of recommended reading I aim to provide on this blog every other Friday. You can find more frequent suggestions at the After Emmaus page on Facebook.

If you would like to see something included next time please leave a comment here.

Biblical Studies

Brian Davidson: Disciples: Salt for Trampling (Matthew 5:13)

Kait Dugan: Discipleship and pistou Christou

Craig Falvo: What Should Protestants Do with the Apocrypha? 

Luke Geraty: A Basic Overview of the Structure of the Book of Acts

Larry Hurtado: Early Jesus-Devotion: Continuing Discussion ; “Early High Christology”: A Recent Assessment of Scholarly Debate  ; Enoch and the “Son of Man”

Tim Henderson: Ehrman on Justin Martyrs’ Use of the Gospel of Peter (Part 3) ; 2 Important Releases in Gospel Studies in 2013

Abram K-J: Which came first, Isaiah or Micah? Comparing Isaiah 2:2-4 with Micah 4:1-3

Craig Keener: The virgin birth–Joseph’s compassion and obedience ; Jesus as Immanuel, God with us ; The “three wise men,” of magi- part 1; part 2 ; part 3

T. Michael Law: Was the Virgin Birth a ‘mistranslation’? If Stavrakopoulou had read the LXX…

Christopher Skinner: “Son” or “Chosen One”? A Textual Problem in John 1:34

Christian Theology

Greg Boyd: Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?

Christian Brady: Repentance, what is it good for?

Marc Cortez: Three Reasons Barth is a Problem

Matt Emerson: Intersections between Biblical and Systematic Theology

Kellen Funk: Justin the Martyr

Kevin Giles and Fred Sanders: The Trinity and Gender (debate video)

Leslie Keeney: Why “Just Tell Your Story” is NOT the Best Way to Share the Gospel

David Williams: Surprised by Jack (a series on C.S Lewis’ view on evolution)


Allen Bevere: Don’t Say These Things to Grieving Parents

Christian Salafia: It’s Time to Repeal the 2nd Amendment 

Scholarly Journals and Reviews

David Stark: Review of Biblical Literature (December 7th, 2012) ; (December 15th, 2012);  Journal of Biblical Literature 131, no. 4;  New Testament Studies 59, no.1

Book Reviews

Nijay Gupta: Jonathan Pennington, Reading the Gospels Wisely Part 1

Andrew Perriman: Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola, Jesus: A Theography

Chris Reese: Michael Reeves, Delighting in the Trinity ; Stephen R. Holmes, The Quest for the Trinity


Kyle Roberts: Got a Ph.D. in Theology? Go Work for a Church