I'm glad I don't have to blog using one of these!
I’m glad I don’t have to blog using one of these!

For those who participate in the biblioblogosphere as readers, writers, or both, you are aware that every year new blogs are created, some emerge with strong content, others quickly fade, some old blogs remain a steady source of useful information, and others disappear for various reasons. I hope NearEmmaus.com remains one that you read, but let me point your direction to five newer (even if just to me) blogs worth giving some attention in 2013:

(5) The Cosmic Cathedral is a new blog that has gained my peripheral attention. It has a nice aesthetic. The bloggers Kendall Beachey and Gary Wallin have been addressing biblical/theological matters. The writing is consistent. I think a bit of interaction over there would make it an even better blog, so consider reading what they are writing and leaving a comment or two.

(4) Mosissimus Mose is a group blog written by doctoral students at Trinity College, University of Bristol (where, if all goes smoothly, I will begin my doctoral work as early as this September). The blogging has been pretty consistent. The topics have been interesting. I think this is one that could become really good, or if it lacks interaction could fold quickly, especially when being written by doctoral students (who have a lot of writing and reading to do already). So maybe go over there, leave a comment or two, and keep them motivated.

(3) Words on the Word is written by Abram K-J. He is a M.DIV student who has a urban ministry focus, but it best known for his engagement with the Septuagint and allowing his young son to contribute book reviews. K-J organized a Isaiah LXX reading group on Facebook in which I have been participating, along with many others. If you appreciate a blend on ministry, parenting, text critical studies, Bible software, and LXX studies you’ll enjoy this blog!

(2) KristaDalton.com is written by a student of Ancient Judaism at Jewish Theological Seminary. Dalton has a good grasp on biblical studies and she ventures into subjects like evangelicalism in America and Christian-Mormon dialogue. I think this combination bodes well for readers of this blog.

(1) I forgot to add this to my list at first, because it has become so popular so quickly I forgot it was new: The Jesus Blog by Anthony Le Donne and Chris Keith. It was the best new blog of 2012 in my opinion.

What are some of your old time favorites? Do you have any up-and-coming blogs you’d like to place on our radar? Leave a comment.