Now that we have entered 2013 I thought I would make readers aware that beginning this year I am available for speaking engagements again. I have created a static page on the left hand side of the blog (see here) with this message:

I (Brian LePort) am available to public speaking engagements. If you  have an event for which you would like to consider me please email me at so we can discuss it. Some of the broad subjects that I would be able to address at your church, classroom, retreat, or other events would be the following:

– The Gospels
– The Book of Acts
– The Pauline Epistles
– The Use of the OT in the NT
– Early Christianity
– The Holy Spirit (Pneumatology)

We can discuss related subtopics (e.g., the message of the Epistle to the Romans) as well.

I used to do more public speaking when I lived in California having given talks and sermons in San Diego, San Francisco, Stockton, Lodi, Napa, Los Altos (CA), Portland (OR), Camas (WA), and Houston (TX). I avoided public speaking while working on my last graduate degree, but I would like to resume it now. Also, FWIW, I have done a lot of speaking to youth, even youth pastoring for a while in 2006.