Last weekend I had the privilege of meeting Anton Flores when he came to San Antonio Mennonite Church for a weekend workshop discussing justice and the stranger through the lens of Exodus 1-3. He is the co-founder of a missional community called Alterna where their goal is to “offer hospitality to Jesus who often visits us as an unauthorized immigrant from Latin America.” This community aims to welcome the stranger in a way that moves past the binary language of our politicized debate over immigration in this nation to a Christian vision which begins with the value of a person as a human. I was impressed and moved by what their community is doing and I invite you to go to their website to learn more about it:

Another movement is afoot among evangelicals. The “I was a stranger” challenge has been launched by a group of evangelicals known as the Evangelical Immigration Table. The video I have embedded below is an introduction, but the group has more videos discussing how evangelicals might serve and love those who are traveling into this country seeking a better life. This group does have a political edge to it, but it aims to be bipartisan, so maybe it will help us move forward in our national discussion on the subject.