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Biblical Studies

M. Daniel Carroll R., Hélène Dallaire, and Richard S. Hess: Annotated Old Testament Bibliography – 2013 (HT)

Peter Enns: 3 Things I Would Like to See Evangelical Leaders Stop Saying About Biblical Scholarship

Tim Gombis: Paul’s “Gospel” Ministry in Romans; Paul’s Confidence in the Gospel

Joel B. Green: Building a New Testament Library: Matthew-Acts (HT)

Michael Heiser: Online Dissertations in Biblical Studies

Larry Hurtado: Roman Emperor Cult and Early Christianity: Some Recent Studies; “Monotheism” in/and Ancient Roman Religion: The Continuing Discussion

Abram K-J: How to Read and Understand the Gottigen Septuagint: A Short Primer; Part 2

Robert C. Kashow: Philo on Sacrifice and Atonement

Anthony LeDonne: What does it Mean to Say that Jesus Was Jewish (Part One); (Part Two)

Matthew R. Malcolm: How to study the New Testament

Eric Marrapodi: ‘Jesus Wife’ fragment gets more testing, delays article

Daniel O. McClellan: Yhwh, God of Edom

Willie Mc Loud: The importance of the Septuagint in biblical studies

Scot McKnight: A Jewish Context for What Jesus Said About Hell

Andrew Perriman: The christological narrative of Acts

Monica R.: Resolutions and The Women’s Bible Commentary

Gary Wallin: Ecological Exegesis: From Anti-Creation to New Creation

Ben Witherington: The Fascinating World of Ancient Papyri–Part One; Part Two; Part Three; Part Four

Christian Theology

Christian Brady: The will of God

John Byron: Developing a Theology of Work in Seminary and Church

Krista Dalton: Tzedakah: What Jewish Charity Teaches a Christian

Rachel Held Evans: Is Marriage Really an Illustration of Christ and the Church?

Amanda MacInnis: Perfection of the Virtuous Life–Introduction; The Life of Moses; On Perfection; Perfection As Change

__________: Justin and Christian Worship; Irenaeus of Lyons


Loren Haarsma: Does Evolution Compromise Human Morality? 

Michael Halcomb: Toward a Theology of Guns: A Christian’s Perspective, Part 3; Part 4

Nadira Faulmueller: Can money change the moral value of a request?

Katie Grimes: When Is It Acceptable to Treat Equal People Unequally?

Rachel Held-Evans: Sexuality & the Church–Some Introductory Remarks & A Prayer

Bruce Reyes-Chow: My Last Post About Guns. I’m Out.

Brian Zahnd: Why I Don’t Own a Gun

Chad _____: The Bible, Homosexuality, and Christianity: Sodom, Gomorrah, and Leviticus; Romans 1

Julia _____: Sexual Violence and the Church: talking to teens

Paul _____: Is Football Immoral?

Scholarly Journals and Reviews

David Stark: Review of Biblical Literature (January 5, 2013); (January 14th, 2013)

Book Reviews

Kevin Brown: Charles Hill and Michael Krugor, The Early Text of the New Testament (Pt. 1)

Luke Geraty: Douglas S. Huffman, The Handy Guide to New Testament Greek

Nijay Gupta: Jonathan Pennington, Reading the Gospels Wisely (Pt. 2)

Paul _____: N.T. Wright, How God Became King


Peter Enns: Can Evangelical Colleges and Seminaries Be Truly Academic Institutions?

Colleen Flaherty: Making the Case for Adjuncts


Rachel Held-Evans: Four Myths about Louie Giglo’s Inauguration Prayer (or, lack thereof)

New blogs worth following:

Robert C. Kashow’s Second Temple Judaism

Baker Academic Blog