The Marginalia Review of BooksThe Marginalia Review of Books (MROB) launched last night. If you enjoy the content offered at this blog then you will want to bookmark MROB. Rather than tell you about it, let me share the definition provided by the editors:

The Marginalia Review of Books (ISSN 2325-8357) is an international review of academic literature from a range of disciplines along the nexus of history, theology, and religion. We publish reviews on the final Tuesday of every month, and  a variety of contributions to intellectual culture – including essays, interviews, and op-eds – throughout the month. MROB aims to enhance the quality of the academic book review, to explore the creative possibilities of the web, and to help authors make their work more easily discoverable than in some traditional journals. We hope to see the academic review in historical, theological, and religious studies move closer to the standard of The Times Literary Supplement or the The New York Review of Books. As a purely digital publication, we have been inspired by The Los Angeles Review of Books.

The editorial board includes a variety of intelligent people overseeing the different categories of books to be review. I hope that this website goes a long ways toward bridging the gap between the professionalism of the print journal and the quickness and efficiency of something like a blog review.

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