urlPersonally, I haven’t blogged much on the debate over how to regulate guns and curb gun violence in the United States. If you want to know why, see Bruce Reyes-Chow’s fine post “My Last Post About Guns. I’m Out.” I do hope our country will come to a place where it can be acknowledged that more safety measures that may prevent easy access to dangerous weapons is not a bad thing, but I am aware that part of the United States Meta-Narrative is “individual rights” and “the right of the people to keep and bear arms” (though, I find the Second Amendment somewhat confusing, since this statement seems to have been made in the context of maintain a standing army, not the individual’s freedom to protect themselves against a rouge government). I don’t expect my fellow citizens to change their position, so instead I focus my attention on talking to fellow Christians–those who claim to share an allegiance to Christ–about what it means to be a Christian in a violent world.

In part, I talk through this blog, so it is through this blog I want to share a few posts written by others on the subject of how Christians should think about guns and gun violence, especially Christians who live in the United States.

Michael Halcomb has been writing a series titled, “A Theology of Guns: A Christian’s Perspective”, that is six parts long as of Wednesday, January 30th:

– Pt. 1 (Lk 22:35-36)
– Pt. 2 (Mt 26:52; Lk 19:42, 22:35-36)
– Pt. 3 (Jn 2:15-16)

– Pt. 4 (Mt 8:5-13 and Lk 7:2-10)
– Pt. 5 (Mt 10:34; Lk 12:51; Rev 19:15)
Pt. 6 

Pt. 7
Pt. 8

Kendall Beachey wrote a post titled “A Christian Frame: Gun Control as a Christian Conversation” where he made the following points:

1. As long as Christians frame the discussion about gun control primarily within the context of Second Amendment rights we have traded our identity as Christians for our identity as Americans.

2: A rhetoric of fear can only function as a destabilizing force with society that ultimately undermines the health of the community as a whole.

3: Violence cannot be repaired by violence.

Other posts worth your time include the following:

– Katie Grimes: Guns for the Common Good?

– Christian Salafia: Is There a Biblical Right to Self-Defense?

– Kurt Willems: Following Jesus: The Best Gun Control Ever!

– Brian Zahnd: Why I Don’t Own a Gun

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