www-St-Takla-org__Moses-Prophet-03-Coptic-Israel-Red-Sea-01Today I was reading Isaiah 10. In v. 26 it addresses the future deliverance of the people from the Assyrians, when YHWH will strike them as he did Egypt, evoking memories of the Exodus. I am sure I have read these lines before today, and I presume I recognized what I observed now, but it stood out to me this time more than others. Isaiah says of YHWH that his staff will be raised over the sea, the way he raised it as regards Egypt (ומטהו על־הים ונשׂאו בדרך מצרים׃), yet in Exodus 14:16, 27 the one raising staff is Moses, at YHWH’s command.

It seems like Isaiah 10:26 convolutes the identity of YHWH and Moses. Thoughts?