It is my goal to try to point readers to what I perceive to me some of the more interesting blog posts and articles available online. I try to post a set of links like this one every other Friday (though that is not a guarantee). For more frequent suggestions visit our After Emmaus page on Facebook. 

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Biblical Literature Studies

John Byron: Who is Our Crown of Boasting? A Gold Wreath discovered in modern Thessaloniki

Krista Dalton: Lessons from the Sedar: The Belief of Memory in the Communion Story

Tim Gombis: Justifying the UngodlyPaul Sends Abraham to Rome;

Robert Kashow: Josephus on the Sacrifice and Atonement of the Essenes; The Damascus Community (via CD) on Sacrifice and Atonement; The Qumran Community (via the DSS) on Sacrifice and Atonement

Anthony Le Donne: Social Memory Theory and the Gospels: A Preliminary Biography

Rodney Thomas: Kidding with Adam and Eve: A Brief Series on Re-Thinking Genesis 3: Introduction; Clement of Alexandria and Re-Thinking Genesis 3; Irenaeus of Lyons and Re-Thinking Genesis 3 ; The End? Or a New Start? Re-Thinking Genesis 3;

Daniel Wallace: Do Manuscripts of Q Still Exist?

Gordon Wenham: The Power of the Psalms

Chad _____: The Bible, Homosexuality, and Christianity: 1 Corinthians and 1 Timothy; Marriage in the Scriptures; A Few Notes on Gender in the Scriptures ; How We Read and Interpret Scripture; Binding, Loosing, and a Conclusion

Paul _____: Isaiah’s Four Sons

Religious, Theological, and Ethical Studies

Kendall Beachey: A Christian Frame: Gun Control as a Christian Conversation 

Marc Cortez: When You Just Can’t Pray

Kait Dugan: Bonhoeffer and the Ultimate Invisibility of the Church

Peter Enns: 3 Ways I Would Like to See Evangelical Leaders Stop Defending the Bible

Rachel Held Evans: The Scandal of the Evangelical Heart ; Do Christians Idolize Virginity?

– Peter Enns: The Deeper Scandal of the Evangelical Mind: We Are Not Allowed to Use It

Michael Halcomb: Toward a Theology of Guns: A Christian’s Perpective (Part 5); (Part 6); (Part 7)

Christian Salafia: Is There a Biblical Right to Self-Defense?

Paul _____: Can Kingdom Work Include Gay Rights Advocacy?

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