Church-Fathers-2I have participating in the group Read the Fathers for two months now. This has introduced or reintroduced me to the writings of the following people: Clement of Rome; Polycarp of Smyrna; the anonymous Epistle to Diognetus; Ignatius of Antioch (see notes from 12.08.2012; 12.15.2012) the anonymous Epistle of Barnabas; fragments from the writings of Polycarp (see notes from 12.22.2012); Justin Martyr (see notes from 12.29.2012; 01.05.2013; 01.12.2013); and Irenaeus of Lyons (see notes from o1.19.2013; 01.26.2013; 02.02.2013).

When I have been reading for four months I will create another summary post like this one. In the meantime, remember that I post these notes every Saturday.