These are my notes on the surviving excerpts available from the so-called Gospel of the Hebrews:

– The Gospel of the Hebrews does not exist, except as excerpts from Cyril of Jerusalem, Origen of Alexandria, Clement of Alexandria, and Jerome.

– This Gospel has some interesting angelology, Mariology, and understanding of Christ. Michael the Archangel is a “Power”, so is Mary the mother of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is called the “mother” of Jesus.

– Jesus baptism, and anointing by the Spirit, is included in this Gospel.

– Jesus’ resurrection is followed by his visit with James, his brother. James refuses to eat until he sees Jesus. Jesus appears, breaks bread with him, and there seems to be an echo of Luke 24.

– There appear to be a few sayings attributed to Jesus that we don’t find in the canonical Gospels.