For some this won’t matter. For some this will be a disappointment. I am choosing (for now, at least) to no longer produce a list of recommended reading every Friday, or every other Friday as has been the case recently. I have found that is takes a lot of my time, time that I may not have available, or that I could be using for other things. Also, I have been checking the statistics to see how many people follow these links to other blogs. It is a fair amount, but hardly enough to justify the time I spend sifting through article after article on my Google Reader.

This doesn’t mean I won’t be sharing my favorite articles and blog posts anymore. I will continue to do this on Twitter @brianleport, on my personal Facebook page, and on the Facebook page connected to this blog, After Emmaus. Also, as I have done in the past, if there is a subject receiving a lot of attention across the blogosphere I will make sure to summarize those discussion, provide links, and introduce readers of this blog to what is being said elsewhere.

Recently, I have noticed that there are a lot of people blogging, less people interacting with what is being blogged. I think it may be more supportive if I leave more comments elsewhere, interact with other authors and bloggers about their ideas, then it has been for me to merely link to what has been written.

I apologize if this is a downer for some, but as I noted above, this doesn’t mean you can receive my recommendations, it means I will be limiting these recommendations to fewer avenues for sharing.