As I mentioned yesterday I am writing a paper to present on the pros and cons of blogging as a student (see “The pros of blogging as a student” for the back story as well as the pros I listed). Today I want to share the cons that came to mind. If you would add something to the list, or if you have any commentary to share on my list, please comment:


– Public Reputation (i.e., a blog may allow people to have a predetermined impression of your character, intelligence, etc., even prior to meeting you in person)

– Tone of “Voice”/Confronting Trolls (e.g., nonverbal communication is almost impossible through blogs, and often commenters, especially “trolls”, may lead a blogger to respond in such a way that later readers will find to be distasteful, whether justified or not)

– Offending Potential Educators/Employees

– Time Management/Prioritized Writing (e.g., someone might ask a student why they spend time blogging when they could use that time to work on a publishable book review or article)