These are some blog posts and articles I have enjoyed recently:

Matthew Montonini has embedded some lectures by David deSilva on the Apocalypse: David deSilva Revelation videos.

Peter Enns gives us five reasons to rethink original sin as an Old Testament doctrine: 5 Old Testament Reasons to Rethink “Original Sin”.

Danielle Tumminio interviewed Candida Moss about her forthcoming book The Myth of Persecution: How Early Christians Invented a Story of MartyrdomCandida Moss on Whether Christian Martyrs are a Myth.

As I’ve mentioned, I worship with a local Mennonite congregation here in San Antonio. My wife and I have come to love our group, even though neither of us had any direct connections to Mennonites. Interestingly, this is true of many people in our congregation. I have a Pentecostal background. Another person has a Lutheran background. One person came to us after several years in the house church movement. My experience has made me aware of other people discussing anabaptist thought including the following:

– David Flowers writes about leaving the SBC to become anabaptist in Finding the Naked Anabaptist. Also, he shares some thoughts on Anabaptist Core Convictions.

– Zach Hoag proposes that as there has been a Neo-Reformed movement there may be a Neo-Anabaptist movement in the making as well in Nuancing the Neo’s.

– Woodland Hills, the congregation pastored by Greg Boyd, considers joining the Mennonite Church USA (we are part of this denomination): Minnesota Megachurch to Go Mennonite? Possibly, Says Greg BoydUpdate: Boyd’s first sermon exploring anabaptist thought: Ana-What?