Alister McGrath has written a biography of C.S. Lewis. I want to read it. I imagine many of you do too.

Alister_McGrath-picture-II-e1352314390683Well, you can begin with a lengthy excerpt provided at the Englewood Review of Books. If you’d prefer to watch McGrath tell you about the book then you can watch the video I imbedded below instead. Finally, if you live in Texas near Houston then you may want to mark this date on your calendar: March 23rd, 2013. McGrath will be giving a lecture at the Lanier Theological Library (LTL) titled, “C.S. Lewis and the Post Modern Generation: His Message Fifty Years Later.” I have a family event scheduled that weekend, so it is unlikely that I will be able to attend. Thankfully, the LTL has uploaded past lectures onto Vimeo. This is good news for all those who do not live near Houston.