Danny Zacharias has a unique role at Acadia Divinity College: he teaches the introductory Greek and Hebrew courses and he is the I.T. manager. These roles have been combined in a series of useful apps for Greek students (I hope to report a Hebrew version some day). I will preview/review the three he has available at this time over the next several days. Today I begin with the iGreek app.

Who should buy this app? People who are beginning students of Koine Greek or anyone who wants an easily accessible tool for refreshing your Greek on the go. You can play Angry Birds while waiting at the airport or you can review your Greek. It is harder to find excuses for letting one’s language skills slip with tools like these.

The iGreek app is not easy to find through basic search on iTunes, so I recommend going here. This app is $3.99, total. That’s it. Let me show you why it is worth it.

This is the iGreek opening screen. As you can see there is everything from the alphabet to a glossary of every word in the New Testament.


The glossary is divided into chunks so that you don’t have to scroll from alpha to sigma or further:


Let’s say you want to review your nouns. Well, go to the nouns page, then go to the declension or case functions you’d like to study (first declensions screen shot provided):



This app even includes things like short music videos to help you memorize the Greek alphabet and other things:


As you can see, this tool provides the basics. If you have read a Greek intro grammar, but you want something to assist your memory, get this app. Soon I will review Zacharias’ flashcard and parsing apps. In case you are wondering, I did receive these apps free for review, but I can say with good conscience that I would have purchased them if I had not received them for review.