As my daily agenda becomes more crowded each week I must continue to re-prioritize my study habits. In late 2012 I joined the Read the Fathers and Greek Isaiah in a Year reading groups. I must abandon both.

The Book of Isaiah remains very important to me, but not central to my studies right now, so I made it as far as Chapter 14. It was a valiant effort. I presume I will continue to revisit Greek Isaiah, but I cannot maintain the day-to-day pace. It was fun at the beginning to chat with others on the Facebook page created for the group, but as people have been discussing Chapter 18 while I spent three weeks on Chapter 14 it has removed me from the conversation. It is time to abandon the group altogether. (To see the notes I wrote on Isaiah see the bottom of this post where I linked to my last entry.)

I joined Read the Fathers aiming to make it through Year 1, at least (it has been planned to exist for seven years!). I wanted to become more familiar with the important Christian thinkers of the first and second centuries. The remainder of Year 1 includes the writings of Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian, Origen of Alexandria, and Hippolytus. While it is my goal to return to these figures’ writings someday it is not pertinent now, so it will have to wait. Tonight’s post on Clement of Alexandria will be the last one for a while.

One more note: those who have connected to this blog’s Facebook page After Emmaus will learn that as of today it is nothing more than a feed for this blog. If you want to continue to receive other website and blog post recommendations from me please connect with me on Twitter @brianleport or Facebook.

Don’t worry, this blog isn’t dying. I will continue to post alongside the other bloggers. The only change is that I must blog in tandem with what I am studying and my focus is shifting.


To read my notes on the Book of Isaiah go to this final post here which includes links to past posts at the bottom.