I pray that all those who are participating in Passover festivities (which begin at sundown this evening) have a blessed one. It is a tradition that has provided holy language for Jews, which has been adopted by Christians and many who pray to God for deliverance from various forms of oppression. Passover is the story of freedom given in the past that gives us hope for freedom in the future.


For those interested, I found this article by Jonathan Klawans “Was Jesus’ Last Supper a Sedar?” thought provoking. It has received at least one response of which I am aware: “Jesus Last Supper WAS a Seder”.

Another interesting article is Hillary Kaell’s “Evangelical Ketubah, Messianic Mezuzah: Judaica for Christians,” which discusses the increased interest from Christians in the Jewish roots of our religion. The author asks this important question: “By (re)claiming their Judaic roots, do Christians in fact strip Jewish people of theirs?”


For those who have not seen The Maccabeats (a Jewish a capella group) Passover themed song Les Misérables I posted it below. Enjoy!