FYI: As readers of this blog know JohnDave Medina and I have begun a series titled “A Dialogue between a Catholic and an Evangelical” where we will be discussing the differences in our shared Christianity through this public forum. You may be aware that our other contributors resonate with different traditions as well. Daniel James Levy is a Pentecostal. Joshua Smith as an Anabaptist (Mennonite). Oddly, I came into Christianity through Pentecostalism, and I worship with a Mennonite Church now, so I resonate on some level with both of those traditions.

Of course, as I said in my first post of the series (see “Why I am an E/evangelical”) I think the label “Evangelical” remains in flux, so it is possible that one might be a Pentecostal Evangelical, an Anabaptist Evangelical, and even a Catholic Evangelical. It will be interesting to hear from Daniel and Joshua as to why they self-identify with Pentecostalism and Anabaptism respectively.

Make sure you pay attention for their entries and don’t forget that JohnDave’s first post is scheduled for next week.