A few things that caught my attention recently:

– Robert Alter (Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature at UC Berkeley) was interviewed by KQED about his newest translation of the Hebrew Bible, which includes the former prophets, Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and King: Radio Interview with Robert Alter. (HT: Dean Galbraith)

– Bruce Lincoln gave a lecture at UC Irvine on the identity of the Magi: Who were the Magi? (HT: Dean Galbraith)

– The caves near the Dead Sea contained more than the scrolls and archaeologist continue to unearth new things: Dead Sea Caves Yield New Finds.

– At Texas A&M professors are testing e-textbooks that inform educators as to whether or not student are reading the text, highlighting important sections, and taking notes. I’m quite sure that many of the people with whom I studied in college would have failed had this program existed: Teacher Knows If You’ve Done the E-Reading. (HT: John Byron)