A few weeks ago I reviewed Danny Zacharias’ iGreek app (here). Now I want to tell you about his ParseGreek app. You can guess the function of the app by the name of it. It is a tool to help you with parsing your Greek vocabulary. The app works alongside popular Greek textbooks. You can chose the vocabulary and grammer lessons from chapters of these books, i.e., if you want to review Mounce’s chapter 4-7 then the app will let you enter that book and those chapters. The words that will appear will include the vocabulary you have learned and the concepts you’ve learned. No more.





When you’ve selected your criteria you’ll be asked to parse. If you get it wrong you will be told what you got right, but a little red x will inform you that you missed something:






If you ace it, you’ll receive a green check:



Parsing can be one of the most difficult aspects of learning a language. Zacharias’ app allows you to keep practicing on the bus, in the dentist office, or at the park without having to bring heavy textbooks with you. Now, this doesn’t replace rogue writing and rewriting of paradigms, but it does assist it. To learn more about this app go here.