I see a lot of chatter about the new trailer for the forthcoming Superman movie, Man of Steel. As Peter Enns noted on Facebook, “I think this will be the most overtly ‘messianic’ of all the Superman films.” If you watch the trailer I think you’ll agree with this observation, which raises a question that has always fascinated me about the Superman franchise: Superman is a messianic figure, so how does that impact our idea of a messiah? How does this relate to Christian depictions of Jesus? Superman appears human, but he is something superior, and he is from another world. Christianity wrestled with whether or not the idea of Jesus’ divinity meant the same for him or if there was a need to emphasize that he was as human as the rest of us. Is Jesus “like” us merely or is Jesus one of us? How one answers this questions says a lot about their Christology.

Watch the trailer: