Jim LePage (Twitter: @Jim_LePage) pointed out something to me that readers of this blog may appreciate. It is called Old and New and it is a coalition of artists creating very attractive and fun summaries of popular biblical stories. You can view them online (click the above link), but you may want to consider purchasing a print version as well because the proceeds from purchases of their prints go to Blood:Water Mission to provide clean drinking water for people in Lwala, Kenya.

The creators of the project have invited contributors in previous rounds to address a theme and the theme for the forthcoming third round is “turning points” where arts will depict “single moments in each character’s narrative that changed the trajectory of their own lives, or even human history.”A new design will be posted Monday-Friday beginning April 22 and will feature work from the following artists:

Adam Anderson, Alexandra Beguez, Allie Smith, Anna Hurley, Brian Doc Reed, Chank Diesel, Chris Rushing, Ciara Panacchia, Dominic Flask, Emily Dove, Joe Cavazos, Julie Frey, Matt Stevens, Melanie Matthews, Mikey Burton, Rogie King, Shed Labs, Sophia Foster-Dimino, Tommy Chandra, Travis Brown

Here is a promo video:

My favorite New Testament related picture is this one: Jesus being tempted by Satan by Pope Saint Victor:


My favorite Old Testament related picture is this one: Elijah against the prophets of Baal by Don Christofferson:





Official Statement:

About Old & New Project

Old & New provides a platform for contemporary graphic artists to exhibit works themed on Biblical stories and passages. It also aims to introduce a new online audience to Biblical art, attempting to replace popular, yet sometimes low-quality, contemporary Biblical artwork with the kind of accessible and honorable work that has historically been associated with the Bible.

The website is a curated collection of single designs by a variety of international illustrators, artists and designers. The collections are released in an indefinite series of rounds. The goal of these rounds will be to bring new light to well known Biblical passages as well as introducing less familiar (or comfortable) content.

There are a few things that make this project unique.


  1. Inclusion: Old & New is not an attempt to convert folks or create religious propaganda. In order to take a new look at this old book, we want, in fact we need, artists from all types of faith perspectives. That may include different religious backgrounds, those who have had a really negative experience with the church, agnostics and atheists.

  2. Accessibility: If you want to learn more about the Bible, there are a lot of complex theological books written for that reason. With Old & New, our goal is that both the art and writing are accessible to all types of people, regardless of how much they may or may not know about theology.

Reaching Out: We’re honored to partner with Blood Water Mission, an organization that focuses on empowering communities to work together against the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa. Prints of designs are available to purchase and proceeds go to Blood:Water Mission (over $1000 during the first 2 rounds).