This is a list of scholarly journals and reviews published in March-April, 2013. If you know of others please let me know in the comments:

Review of Biblical Literature (March 8th, 2013) ; (March 16th); (March 25th); (March 31st); (April 15) [David Stark]

Bulletin for Biblical Research 23.1 [David Stark]

Expository Times 124/6; 124/7; 124/8

Journal of Biblical Literature 132, no. 1 [David Stark]

Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 37/3

Journal of Semitic Studies 58/1

Journal for the Study of Pseudepigrapha 22/3

Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology, no. 20 [Rod Bradshaw]

Irish Theological Quarterly 78/2

Criswell Theological Review  10/1

Journal of Theological Studies 64.1

Studies in Religion 42/1

Special thanks to Danny Zacharias’ Biblical Studies Journal Alerts for streamlining many of my updates!