I listened to a few lectures on iTunes provided by The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) that I think readers of this blog may find informative.

First, go to iTunes and search for JTS’s “Library Book Talk Series,” where you’ll find several lectures available.

The two that I recommend are Yoram Hazony’s “The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture” and Jonathan Klawans’ “Josephus and the Theologies of Ancient Judaism”.

Hazony discusses his 2012 publication The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture. I found his thoughts on obedience and disobedience of God to be quite thought provoking.

Klawans discusses his  2012 publication Josephus and Theologies of Ancient Judaism. He challenges the idea that Jewish thought was limited to how to obey the law and not theological. This is done by exploring Josephus’ depictions of the Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, and others. He has some very interesting things to say about the Sadducees, even proposing that Jewish theology post-Holocaust is more akin to the Sadducees when it comes to how divine providence is understood than the Pharisees and the rabbinic tradition.

I think you’ll enjoy these talks. If you get a chance to listen to them come back and share your thoughts.