Some links worth pursuing:

– Rachel Held Evans wrote a very thoughtful, honest post titled “Why Progressive Christians Should Care About Abortion” that I recommend. She discusses how her own views have changed over the years, but more importantly she reminds us Christians in the United States that we tend to parse our ethics along the same lines as our political parties. Abortion is a subject that should concern all of us, even if we don’t always agree in regards to how we should address the problem.

– Michael Bird’s lecture “What is evangelical about evangelical theology?” is worth your time. Peter Enns alerts us to a new series on “American Evangelicalism: Present Conditions, Future Responsibilities” that seems promising.

– Daniel Kirk asks, “Does Paul’s Christ Require a Historical Adam?”

– Finally, Scot McKnight wrote a helpful piece titled  “The Pharisees: My Response to the New Barna Study” questioning our use of “Pharisee” as a synonym for “legalist” or “hypocrite” when the historical Pharisees were a far more nuanced movement than that.