You may have seen other blogs sharing the video of John Barclay (Durham University) giving the inaugural lecture for the St. Mary’s Centre for the Social-Scientific Study of the Bible, but if you have not, let me recommend this lecture titled, “Paul and the Gift: Gift-Theory, Grace and Critical Issues in the Interpretation of Paul”:

I’ve seen a few interesting posts on Paul in the last few days that may intrigue some of you:

– Michael Bird, Phoebe the Letter Carrier?

– Michael Bird, Rom 1:18-3:20: A Summary

– James McGrath, Retelling Romans: Introduction

Also, Alister McGrath’s lecture at the Lanier Theological Library based on his new book about C.S. Lewis is available for viewing:

Finally, some miscellaneous things to bring to your attention:

– Lawrence Shiffman finished his series on “rationals for Torah commandments” with a look at the Dead Sea Scrolls and a concluding post.

– Jason M. Schlude wrote an interesting article titled “Herod the Great: Friend of Rome and Parthians?”

– The Marginalia Review of Books has posted several tributes to the late Geza Vermes.