Which Hannibal did you expect? Anthony Hopkins? (from kunstkopie.de)
Which Hannibal did you expect? Anthony Hopkins? (from kunstkopie.de)

Several people in my social media networks have praised Peter Adamson’s (King’s College London) podcast “History of Philosophy without Any Gaps” and I want to join the chorus. Adamson moves slowly and thoroughly through the history of western philosophy. It is very educating, and even funny at times (he is gifted in punnery). I listened to his talks on the Pre-Socratics yesterday and I’m hooked. (See also, Joel Watts’ link to many, many more philosophy related items online.)

Also, for those of you who scour iTunes U for good lecture series let me recommend the lecture series on Hannibal by Patrick Hunt of Stanford University. The first lecture was all I needed to gain interest in the whole course, as Hunt had some very interesting insights into Carthage, the Phoenicians, the worship of Baal, child sacrifice, and how these things were understood by ancient Romans and Israelites. Also, he has an interesting insight into the story of Abraham’s willingness to offer Isaac as a sacrifice based on his understanding of the Baal cult that changed the way I understand that narrative.

Finally, some miscellany:

– Lectures from George B. Caird on New Testament Theology at Oxford University in 1979-1982 have been made available online. To listen go here.

– Anthony Le Donne has a question about Jesus’ teachings on divorce.

– Rodney Thomas shares a quotation from Jurgen Moltmann on what Christians everywhere can learn from Black Theology.

– Rebecca Roache explains why our understanding of free will is important.

– Finally, John Byron shares a report indicating that more and more seminary graduates are finding work outside the traditional church context.