Here is some reading to take you into the weekend:

– Lawrence Shiffman has morphed a paper on the relationship between Iraq and the Jewish people into a series of blog posts. This is what is available thus far: An Ancient Relationship; The Era of the Kings in Israel; The Jews in Exile.

– Andrew Perriman examines how Adam was understood in the first century in Adam, original sin, and wrath against the Jew.

– Tim Gombis was interviewed about his contribution to Holy War in the Bible (IVP, 2013) and he reminds us that God is not bound to the agenda of any nation. Watch here.

– Joshua Brockway, Anabaptists are hip!

– Francesca Gino and Michael I. Norton, Why Rituals Work

– Edward Tenner, Why the Boomers are the Most Hated Generation

Mysterious structure underneath the Sea of Galilee?