I’ve been blogging since 2006 (actually, I began in 2005, but then stopped) and I don’t think I’ve taken an extended sabbatical from blogging since I began. I am taking one now. As I mentioned this morning (see Re-imagining blogging: some proposals) I have realized recently that I haven’t enjoyed blogging lately. I’ve been asking myself whether or not it remains the useful online community hub which I have envisioned or if it has become a habit that is neither a discipline, nor a source of enjoyment, but an expectation or an obligation. I sense it has become the latter.

Now, I intend to resume blogging on July 1st. This is not my resignation from blogging. Also, I suspect that my co-bloggers will continue to post at their own convenience, so there should be content available.

I have a book to finish before August 1st and I begin my doctoral work in September. This is reason enough to avoid blogging for a month! While I am on sabbath I will revisit the purpose of this blog and how I use it. Some people mentioned to me today that the content of this blog has changed drastically over the last couple years, becoming more academic, less “earthy,” and I need to determine whether or not this is how it ought to be. Also, I need to ask myself whether this blog is part of my learning experience as a student in the same way it has been over the years. I’ve been challenged by others to use my time doing other things than blogging. I understand the sentiment, but blogging has been a means of processing thoughts in previous years, and if it remains such a tool then I think it should remain part of the education. If not, then I need to rethink some things!

One final word: I imagine that some people may think that this morning’s post is about them. It isn’t; it’s about me. Now, there have been commenters and there may be commenters always who are more frustrating than engaging. I imagine that blogging is not worth the time and energy if one hopes to avoid all of the challenges related to the anonymity of the blogosphere! That said, I’ve noticed that I am less patient, which means I am more needy, which signifies to me that blogging has become more burdensome than energizing, so I should rest from it for a few weeks.