This is a list of scholarly journals and reviews published in May-June, 2013, that may interest readers of this blog:

Biblica 2013/1

Bulletin for Biblical Research 23/2 [via D. Stark]

Currents in Biblical Research 11/3

Expository Times 124/9, 124/10

Irish Theological Quarterly 78/3

Journal of Biblical Literature 132/2 [via D. Stark]

Journal of the Study of the New Testament 35/4

Journal of the Study of the Old Testament 37/4; 37/5

Journal of the Study of the Pseudepigrapha 22/4

Journal of Theological Studies 63/2; 64/1

Review of Biblical Literature May 14, 2013; June 6th, 2013; June 13th, 2013June 25th, 2013 [via D. Stark]

New Testament Studies 59/3 [via D. Stark]

Tyndale Bulletin 64/1