Andy Crouch
Andy Crouch

Andy Crouch has written an article titled “The Future Shape of Theological Education” that I found to be insightful (HT: John Byron). He observes “…that few seminaries, as we know them now, will exist in fifty years.” This doesn’t mean there won’t be seminaries though, because “…seminaries as we know them now, with their tremendously diverse student bodies, globe-spanning technological capacities, and innovative programs of research and teaching, did not exist fifty years ago either.” Why are some seminaries  (and divinity schools) alive even as others have disappeared? What will it take to be one of those seminaries in the future?

Crouch addresses this question from four angles: (1) The Transition to the Visual Age; (2) Generational Transitions; (3) Entrepreneurship and Leadership; (4) The Core and the Edge. To see what he says about these things read the whole article here.

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